Month: August 2017

What is Web Hosting?

The post What is Web Hosting? appeared first on Make A Website Hub. Even though the Internet has become a commonplace and available for all, a lot of its features remain a mystery to many. A lot of people are just familiar with the front end functioning of websites- appearance and navigation- but have no

Best Free Website Builders 2017

The post Best Free Website Builders 2017 appeared first on Make A Website Hub. Getting on social media to increase exposure has always been quick and easy, but true online presence can only come from a website that glues it all together. Having a nice website boosts credibility, establishes authority, and allows any business to

4 Simple Ideas for Great Blog Video Content

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need Hollywood-esque production value to create great video content for your blog. Frankly speaking some of the best blog video content stems from fairly simple ideas that are properly executed to create compelling content. If you would like to create great blog video content, here are a few simple